MMIS concepts

MMIS is the new face of MIS-"M" is the value-added Map ensuring Cost & Time Optimizations for Organizations by meeting the green obligation automatically, when MMIS concepts-based products are deployed.

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Products and Services

MMIS Products and Services publish an output that gauges goals and objectives of organization directly in self-operable mode. We have offerings for clients from various domains such as Banking, Agriculture, Insurance.

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MMIS-the strategic way

Management Information Systems (MIS) is the history of an Organization that communicates the events and activities that it has undertaken by deploying its precious resources viz., Money , Material , Men & Women for the purpose of organization development. It is a complex phenomenon in the context of the modern competition and faces challenges to sustain and progress.

Today variety of software products and services are offered by various players from IT sector. However they are heterogeneous in nature and are not standardized.

Upon scrutiny, we observe that any organization undertakes its operations on routine basis with respect to organizational plans with the objective of achieving the goals of the organizations from time to time.

In this context MMIS Technologies has defined and designed a normalized and a standardized mechanism for monitoring & managing MIS for strategic needs that are self-operable and a perfect green-compliant product meeting the cost and product optimal benchmarks.

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Knowledge Management

We aim towards publishing Knowledge through Open Knowledge Source (OKS),a tool for managing projects & programs of any Organization. It will also help important departments of Ministries such as Finance, HR, Planning.

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Activity Based Computing

Spatial feature is the common feature of any MIS systems because all our Government, corporate and scientific transactions have relevance or reference to the Geography only, the mother base for any activity.

Map is thus and therefore, a very powerful format, for every one in any context of ones own information needs for oneself. Concepts Map Management Information systems understand this spatial feature of MIS systems very significantly.

The base value created by our GIS & Remote sensing technologies is of a basic value and input to many developmental programs undertaken by DOS from time to time.

Society to understand and deploy the same in the tone it is generated and meant for, MMIS technologies have been doing research over period of decade.

The model for executing this challenge needs to orient and reorient existing MIS systems to geography.

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