Products & Services:

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MMIS Products and Services publish an output that gauges goals and objectives of an Organization directly in self-operable mode.

The following are highlights of some of its applications across diverse domains & industrial sectors:
The deployment of MMIS-Concepts based Products and Services is the key to Powerful Business Intelligence-based integrations for better and effective decision making in such diverse application areas such as:

Insurance Industry:

Insurance is a subject matter of geography. Dealing with Insurance operations in geographic format will enable the user to analyze the operations in conjunction with the environment of Insurance industry in a visual format drawn from secondary source of information such as agriculture, socio-economic data and Industry information. This strengthens strategic systems for healthier growth of industry through effective regulation and development mechanisms.

This as our MMIS visionary view, we have developed and demonstrated our views through POC of MMIS at IRDA learn more: Download slides from POC of MMIS at IRDA

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Banking Sector: In Banking Sector, MMIS offers the following:

MMIS products and services publish an output that gauges goals and objectives of organization directly in self-operable that has positive impact on time and cost optimizations for the banking sector.

From the Day book operations, we map the Customer Base of various products and services to geography, that Demystifies MIS analytics which throws new insights for improving customer relationship management strategies. It thus results in the increase in customer base for the organization.

Entire Business Analytics required for banking strategists will be made available in self-operable mode to their needs and contextual requirements from to time, enabling them to publish more logical and effective decision-support systems that bring optimization of cost and time to every stake holder in the Banking industry.

Download Self-developed model for State Bank to demonstrate the value of geography in operations – 2010 – PPT slides
Download Article published in ICAI journal – "A Grip for accounting profession" – MMIS the approach – Feb 2009

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Fertilizer Industry: In Fertilizer Industry, MMIS offers the following:

Fertilizer being the most important ingredient for Indian farming community, we have developed a model/product that helps fertilizer Industry in monitoring farm-level observations for productivity analytics.

Our product offers following organization specific customized products:

  • Integration with SAP, Oracle or legacy systems databases for fertilizer distribution management
  • Effective distribution to end-user (the farmer) through various channel partners and distributors
  • Facilitate Finance Department to effectively handle Bills Receivables & improve profitability
  • Integration of Uniform Freight Policy guidelines with MIS frame work
  • Performance reports – Auto generated strategic reports & Integration of best practices
  • Plans integrated with product fuses seamlessly with ongoing operations to have close watch on plans and actual movement:
  • Download Approach Paper for MMIS in Fertilizer Industry

    POC in place with Mega Fertilizer company in India.

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Cement/allied products Industry: In Cement/allied products Industry, MMIS offers production to market place activities mapping and monitoring, in one framework, that demystifies MIS analytics through the following:
  • Integration with SAP, Oracle or legacy systems databases for cement production & distribution management
  • Effective distribution to customers through various channel partners and distributors
  • Facilitate Finance Department to effectively handle Bills Receivables & improve profitability.
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Agriculture Sector: In Agriculture Sector, MMIS offers the following:

Product that helps government/corporate farming management from planning stage to production/market place - various Modules integrated under MMIS concepts and Technologies

We have undertaken studies for developing MMIS based-product for state Agriculture department for Mapping, Managing and Monitoring of State Action Plans in one single format:
Download Approach Paper for Knowledge Agriculture

Presented to AP State Govt. Today we have product in place that manages and maps Agriculture planning, mapping and monitoring mechanisms towards its objectives.

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Map Yourself: Through this first-of-its-kind product, MMIS offers the following:
  • One can operate MMIS oneself
  • Publishing business intelligence information on demand, any time
  • Meet the needs & contextual requirement of the strategic teams, without waiting for information to come.
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Credentials and Papers Published :



Papers Published:

  • ISRO – User Interaction Workshop – 2010 – Activity Based Computing – MMIS technologies read published and presented papers at NIRD
  • Training of MMIS concepts at Govt. of Orissa 2004
  • ICAI – MMIS in Audit – Activity Based Computing sytems – Navigating the Balance sheet new visual face of - B/sheet. – MMIS concepts and Technologies – Feb. 2009 – "A" GRIP – for accounting professionals – MMIS the approach

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