About Suswa:

We are an intense Research and Development oriented company incorporated in 2003 by experienced professionals from various industrial verticals like Fertilizers, Petro-chemicals, mining, steel, insurance, banking, and IT etc with a clear vision and mission of developing unique tools for strategic managers applicable to all industrial verticals.

SUSWA Objectives:

Designing and deployment of Industry specific vertical strategic tools (system driven) [At SUSWA our experienced professional team could design, develop, demonstrate this unique product and have deployed it at (fertilizer segment) these unique concepts are named as MMIS (Map Management Information Systems).] Map Management Information Systems is a Patented Product. In short it is termed as MMIS and is all about Connecting Knowledge to your very existing information systems / forces directly, by navigating information forces to its location or destination directly. By mapping Managed Information systems of the organization (various heterogeneous MIS reports) towards vision and mission of the organization in a programmable manner by integrating all relevant MIS that are getting or being generated by existing IT systems/setups.


  • The spatial ERP adds Spatial (Map) value to existing ERP systems this means: Helps the strategic teams to know as to how their operations are being executed and administered in conjunction to plans & targets within the plant and across various geographically spread plants more efficiently and effectively.
  • Entire strategic teams for effective administration would be able share and exchange the project specific operations related MIS in activity form thru colored symbolic representation in the same frame work in conjunction to internal and external operations ultimately aligning individual goals to organizational project goals.
  • A complete system in itself – where operations and its administration plans in tune to plans and budgets can be configured to hierarchy specific needs with interactive mechanisms.
  • Apart from organizational MIS, external operations pertaining to competitors and other identified MIS needs for strategic decisions can g integrated into the module
  • Supports Green IT – navigating towards practical paperless environs


We term our MMIS concepts as ABC systems (Activity Based Computing) as MMIS designs computes and publishes Activity based communication in a common base frame work for strategic managers who can publish and exchange information in this common base frame work for all those involved in decision processes of the organization; which can be further aligned organization vision and mission. This becomes possible when systems are designed and tuned for self-publishing mechanisms by one-self that ensures drastic reduction of Decision Life Cycle time resulting into time and resource optimizations the precious scarce resource.


  • Adopts business administration principles MBO (Management by Objectives)
  • Patented Product
  • IGNOU approved course for strategic mangers on “Vision mapping solutions” MMIS concepts based theory in practice mode where they opine as:
  • Quote: “Scope: In all organizations with manifold increase in operations and accumulation of data, it is increasingly becoming difficult for the top executives to manage the MIS systems and correlate the data with the objectives, vision and mission of the organization. There is a need for such system. The proposed course is directed in this direction. The course is mainly developed by Mr. M. Ravi Ganesh based on his patent applied concepts it follows Management by objectives and deals with data mining to knowledge mining.”

  • Successfully implemented in Mega Fertilizer Plant for internal and external operations Academia support is a proof of our concepts validation and implementation of these in mega fertilizer industry is proof of our MMIS concepts, what we claim is thus tenable and possible a event a new a ball game in the IT segment ever done and produced in this direction.


  • Decisions can be system driven (process ones freezed and finalized and mutually agreed upon)
  • Can virtually trace and track virtual progress of the operations in conjunction to external environment like – competitors, Demographics, and other allied information of organization’s interest that influences operations which are not in the purview of MIS systems
  • Can integrate yesterday’s archives pertaining to past performances into the same format in conjunction to external world vis-à-vis of today to extract intelligent patterns pertaining to sales, distributions, collections etc. for effective plans and budgets designing.
  • Will virtually picture the companies efforts in its vision and mission in very programmable manner
  • The cited benefits would drive and align organizations operations to the interest of customer satisfaction and our MMIS tools are customer value centric designs.
The client specific customized product would be of immense help to existing functional teams like, finance, marketing, SCM plant production, plant maintenance divisions who could view their operations in common frame work for their efficient administration aligning to project objectives and goals as the tools designed would analyze and present the virtual situations before them with collective clarity towards the vision and mission of the organization. We proudly conclude that this kind of application is ever developed in the IT segment yet and successfully implemented in mega fertilizer organization by integrating SAP ERP ECC 6.0 version.

MMIS – Aligning individual goals to organizational goals logically:

Plant -> Maintenance -> Inter -functional department -> different plant sites -> External environment -> Relationships –> (Geography the common base)

The MMIS view and approach in computing Activity Based Systems and every one can find their place into the common targets oneself and MMIS designs would stitch individual goals to main goal of the organization – FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE IT SEGMENT.